Northbrook, Ill., April 07, 2020 — DriveSure, a customer retention product designed for new car dealerships by Krex, Inc., has compiled data on closed repair order volume to help new car dealerships understand and respond to changes in demand for vehicle maintenance and repairs as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to sweep across the nation.

The data, a seven-day moving average of the weekly number of closed repair orders per dealership, is a compilation of nearly 100 new-car dealerships across the United States. The data is updated daily to help dealership general managers and service directors everywhere understand the rapid changes in the market. Already, reporting dealerships have seen a 40% drop in closed repair orders since late February on average.

“This is a time of uncertainty for all of us,” said Bill Springer, President of DriveSure. “We are sharing this aggregated information to help dealerships get some clear answers and be able to make decisions based on trends they are seeing relative to other dealerships throughout the United States.”

In addition to this data, DriveSure will be offering and curating tips for minimizing the long-term negative effects on fixed operations.

“We know dealerships will be relying heavily on service revenue as vehicle sales sharply decline,” said Springer. “This information will give decision makers an opportunity to stay ahead of changes to service demand as much as they can and come out strong on the other side.”

Interested parties can sign up for DriveSure’s weekly data updates or visit for the latest information.


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