Fixed Ops During COVID-19

A detailed look at how the COVID-19 crisis affected dealership service departments across the country.

The global COVID-19 pandemic had an unprecedented effect on businesses of all types, including new car dealerships. In that time of uncertainty, General Managers and Parts & Service Directors had many questions – we provided daily updates to this information through June, 2020, in hope of providing some answers.

Average Weekly Number of Closed Repair Orders per Dealership

(7-Day Moving Average)

Hover over the line (tap on mobile) to see the average number of closed repair orders per dealership in the 7-day period ending on a specific date.

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Impact On Dealerships

As expected, demand for vehicle maintenance and repairs decreased as the pandemic affected daily life for the vast majority of Americans. The graph above was updated daily to help dealerships compare their change in repair order volume with other dealerships and be first to know when things began to turn around. By the beginning of July, 2020, though COVID-19 was still impacting much of the country, daily repair orders had returned to pre-pandemic levels.

About The Data

The graph above shows the aggregated 7-day moving average of the weekly average number of closed repair orders per dealership for nearly 100 of our new-car dealership customers across the country, as reported through their Dealer Management System. Displaying a 7-day moving average removes effects caused by different days of the week (for example, Sundays generally have much lower volume). Data was updated daily through June, 2020, and is delayed by one week to ensure accurate reporting.

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