DriveSure Prepaid Maintenance

Prepaid maintenance is no longer just for F&I

Most car dealerships sell prepaid maintenance (PPM) plans to their customers. And with good reason — the majority of customers renew these plans, and average repair order revenue per visit goes up significantly.

However, F&I Managers already have a lot to sell, so PPM plans are easily overlooked. Selling prepaid maintenance from the service lane provides more and better opportunities to rev up revenue and drive loyalty.

But simply selling the same offerings you do in F&I won’t cut it. You need something simple to sell, simple to understand, and simple to use. That’s why DriveSure offers a one-of-kind prepaid maintenance (PPM) solution designed specifically for the service lane.

Average increase in repair order revenue per visit from upsells


12-Month Retention Rate of customers purchasing prepaid maintenance


of packages sold are for vehicles with more than 50,000 miles on odometer

What’s Included

Easy to Sell, Easy to Buy

Effortlessly integrate prepaid plans into your DMS, enabling advisors to sell packages with a simple opcode entry.

Managed Communications

We handle contract communication, redemption payments, and provide QR-coded windshield stickers for quick details like visits remaining.

Effortless Package Promotion

Our Maintenance Marketing System automatically promotes PPM packages to maintenance customers.

Customized for Maximum Retention

Collaborate with us to create tailored package offerings and enjoy increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and dealership revenue.

Selling Prepaid Maintenance in the Service Lane?

Prepaid maintenance isn’t just for F&I. Follow this checklist to build a new prepaid maintenance revenue stream in the service drive.

How It Works

DriveSure makes the entire process of offering prepaid maintenance plans from the service lane a breeze, where all of the administrative work is taken care of for you. Best of all, the customer must return to your dealership for each redemption, unlike programs that are available via the OEM.

1. Establish pricing and packaged services

DriveSure helps you choose the best pricing model for your dealership, ensuring simplicity for customers. We customize packages to include suitable services and determine ideal redemption amounts.

2. Provide opcode access

We’ll work with you to integrate our systems with your DMS. Once this is set up, we can administer the program automatically, allowing your advisors to sell prepaid packages by simply adding an opcode to the repair order.

3. Provide basic purchase info to drivesure’s system

Once DriveSure syncs with your DMS data on who’s purchasing packages and who’s redeeming packages, you’re good to start selling! There’s no need to deal with claims processes, as this is all done by our system.

4. Establish customer communications plan

DriveSure supplies reminder stickers with QR codes for vehicle owners and service advisors to quickly check on number of maintenance visits remaining. You control customer communication frequency and methods, and can employ our marketing communication services for emails, texts, and direct mail.

5. keep score (optional)

Create some friendly competition among your service advisors by using a scorecard of MTD sales. We provide you with this score tracking through our system, so service advisors can see it as soon as they log in. With the scorecard, you can easily offer rewards to advisors who sell the most packages.


Not yet offering drivesure?

Learn how DriveSure can help your dealership become the only one your customers depend on for maintenance, tires, and repairs. We’ll discuss what it could look like to implement DriveSure in your service department and estimate the ROI potential for your dealership.

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