DriveSure Maintenance Marketing System

Keep Customers Happy & Informed On Every Channel

DriveSure’s Maintenance Marketing System elevates customer retention by streamlining service reminders and other customer communication through one-off messages and automated follow-ups across multiple channels. Our professional, effective communication enhances customer experiences while promoting the services you want to highlight.

With our user-friendly, comprehensive approach, your dealership will enjoy increased service visits, higher revenues, and satisfied customers.

What’s Included

Effective Tools at Advisors’ Fingertips

Effortlessly promote your dealership’s offers and value in-shop with clear and customized benefit sheets and send customers on the road with reimagined windshield reminder stickers. Our dealership-branded stickers feature QR codes to check service dates and available DriveSure Benefits redemptions.

Multi-Channel Communication

Send customizable, branded email, SMS, and direct mail communications, providing a consistent and professional touchpoint with customers across multiple channels.

Seamless Automation

Our system integrates with your dealership’s existing setup, automating personalized reminders based on service dates or skipped services, and streamlining customer interactions.

Intuitive Customer Portal

Customers can easily access their portal to view essential information anytime, and anywhere, enhancing customer experience and convenience. Finding the portal is easy via web address, email links, or scanning the QR code on their windshield sticker.

How It Works


We establish a connection with your DMS to sync the relevant customer info. This minimizes data entry on your end, such as when printing out the benefit sheet and sticker for customers, or messaging customers about upcoming appointments.


We set up a benefit sheet and service reminder sticker with your dealership logos and any other customization you’d like. We’ll also work with you to determine the mileage and time intervals for when you want to print on the stickers for customers.

Benefit sheets can include DriveSure Renewable Benefits if you’re also using that solution. These benefits renew after each visit, encouraging customers to keep coming back.

3. Decide on messaging cadence

We help you decide on a cadence and specific messaging for when you want to automatically contact your customers about service. Communication channels include direct mail, email, and SMS. For instance, you may want to send a reminder email 14 days before it’s time to schedule service, and a past-due email 30 days after missing recommended service. These emails include links for the customer to schedule their next service.


We help you set up an appropriate printer in the service drive so the reminder sticker prints on the right paper. Stickers are printed out using a laser printer on special sticker paper to ensure legibility.

The benefit sheets will print out with the stickers.


With everything set up, all that remains is to start giving the new stickers and benefit sheets to customers as they receive service. It’s as easy as clicking “print” after an oil change.  

Since messaging is automatic, you simply continue updating customer information as you did before, and it’s all done for you.


Not yet offering drivesure?

Learn how DriveSure can help your dealership become the only one your customers depend on for maintenance, tires, and repairs. We’ll discuss what it could look like to implement DriveSure in your service department and estimate the ROI potential for your dealership.

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