From retention programs to warranties, no dealership likes dealing with claims processes. Between excessive paperwork and countless requirements that aren’t always clear, it’s no wonder so much revenue is lost each year — both from claims mistakes and the simple cost of labor to manage it all properly.

When we set out to provide a more appealing tire protection service to dealerships, we noticed a lot of unnecessary complications in traditional claims processes.

Take standard tire warranty claims for example. You have to deal with everything from warranty coverage types, schedules, recalls, and vehicle models and years, just for starters.

There’s hardly room for mistakes, and every rejected claim means lost revenue or delayed payment. And even when it’s all perfect? You often have to wait ages to get your money.

Rather than add to this list of hassles, we designed the claims process for DriveSure to be as fast, easy, and efficient as possible. You can waste less time and energy worrying about processing claims, with the peace of mind knowing that it’s all handled.

First though, let’s review how these benefits work for you.

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How DriveSure Tire Benefits Work

At dealerships that offer DriveSure, customers automatically activate a suite of benefits when they come in for routine maintenance like oil changes. These benefits include Roadside Assistance, Road Hazard Tire Protection, Emergency Transportation, and Personalized Customer Communications.

The benefits expire once the recommended service interval ends, prompting customers to return to your dealership for their next round of service and to renew their benefits. With this coverage, when a customer comes into your dealership for a tire repair or replacement from a road hazard (something not covered by most warranties), it’s now covered at no cost to them.

So what about claiming the money for that work?

When you handle road hazard tire damage, you can stop stressing about the lengthy hassle of getting your money for it. We’ve gone out of our way to make filing a claim with DriveSure far easier than any other claims process you’re familiar with.

How Tire Claims Work with DriveSure

Let’s say a customer gets a flat tire. DriveSure’s Road Hazard Tire Protection incentivizes them to come to your dealership to get a repair or replacement if necessary.

Unlike a complicated warranty claims process, DriveSure makes it easy to file claims, with quick customer lookup, simplified verification, streamlined digital claims filing with key info already preloaded in the system, and faster approvals. Plus, you get your money in less than 10 days.

When you need to file a claim to get compensated for delivering on DriveSure benefits, you simply log in to our online dealership portal and follow our easy digital claims process.

  1. To start, search for the customer (using their name or VIN) in our portal.
  2. Select their name in the search results to bring up the vehicle history and dealership information.
  3. Click “New Claim”. Our system prequalifies them, so this option won’t show up if they don’t have active coverage during the claim window, and you won’t need to check. This option will also default to the current qualifying event, keeping things simple. You can easily change the event if you need to.
  4. Fill out repair order (RO) info with claim information and the tire inspection document (the qualifying repair order). Everything you need to file the claim is on this page, including description of damage.
  5. Click Finish, and you’re all set!

What happens next?

After you’ve submitted your claim, the rest is on us. Our claims management team reviews it and gets back to you with one of the following responses:

  1. Approval: When your claim is approved, we pay you electronically via a single-use digital credit card. You can always expect a fast turnaround time for this — if a balance is more than 10 days old, we treat that as a problem.
  2. Missing info: If anything is missing, we’ll let you know quickly (for instance, forgetting to attach the repair order).
  3. Rejections: If the claim is rejected, we’ll explain why, and give you the option to appeal.

For claims where the claim event is within 10 business days of a qualifying event (e.g. an oil change that renews DriveSure benefits), an email will be sent to the specific claims administrator at your dealership that needs additional approval. This email provides them with all the claim information, with Yes and No buttons to approve.

Boosting Dealership Efficiency and Profitability

By streamlining the claims process, DriveSure not only saves dealerships valuable time and resources but also helps improve customer satisfaction. Our clients think so too: dealerships that have adopted the DriveSure system often report that it’s the easiest claims process they’ve ever worked with.

An easy and efficient claims process like DriveSure’s reduces the chances of human error and rejected claims, ensuring that dealerships receive the compensation they deserve for the services provided. This translates into a more profitable business and a more loyal customer base that appreciates the hassle-free experience.

By eliminating the complexities and frustrations commonly associated with traditional claims processes, DriveSure enables dealerships to operate more efficiently, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately, grow their business.


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