We know that car dealerships takes every opportunity to choose the right products with the most benefits to the vehicles in their care.  Here at Krex, Inc., we recommend graphite as the ultimate product for engine lubrication.  Here’s why Krex Graphite Engine Lubricant® should be your lubricant of choice:

Heat Resistant

This little bottle packs a ton of protection and performance for today’s engines.

“By adding Krex Graphite Engine Lubricant®, you’re increasing the heat range and the lubricity of the oil,” says Walter Bushala, marketing manager at Krex, Inc.  “Graphite is a solid that won’t melt until temperatures of 5000° F.  This really is the ultimate heat resistant material available today.”

Improved Performance
Since car owners check oil far less frequently than in years past and manufacturers recommend longer intervals between oil changes, Bushala says this scenario likely means that vehicles are operating with less oil.  “Graphite increases the ability of engines to run successfully, even if they’re running slightly low on oil,” he says.  One application of Krex Graphite Engine Lubricant® protects a vehicle for six months or 5,000 miles.

The Staying Power of Graphite
In a typical vehicle, oil drips down into the pan after you turn the engine off.  An engine lubricated with graphite experiences something very different.  “Graphite holds onto oil, keeping it inside the engine,” Bushala says.  “No matter when you start your car again – an hour, a week or a month later – there will still be oil in the engine, and this reduces wear over time.”

Lubricant, Not Additive
Many manufacturers warn against using additives in vehicles, often giving them a bad reputation.  Keep in mind that graphite is not an additive, it’s a lubricant.  “The fact is, you can fill a whole crank case with graphite and drive the car,” says Bushala.  “You can’t do that with an additive.  Krex, Inc.’s graphite does not alter the engine or the chemical composition of the oil like additives can.”

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