With more service competition than ever before, you must communicate regularly to remain your customers’ preferred service provider.  Staying connected via email gives you regular opportunities to: remind your customers of your top-notch service; the maintenance needs of their car; share information regarding recalls; and stay top-of-mind when it comes to service providers.  Train your service advisors to collect and confirm your customers’ email addresses at each visit.  Here’s why:

Collect Email Retain Customers

Using email to communicate with customers increases customer retention by 10-12%

Email is preferred
In the digital age, email communication is ideal.  With most consumers maxed out on time spent with work, hobbies or kids’ activities, they won’t be home to receive phone calls or be likely to open snail mail that looks like an advertisement.  Conversely, when customers receive an email from your dealership with an intriguing subject line such as, “A Friendly Reminder from Acme Dealership for Your CX-7,” they can immediately look at their digitized calendar to find time for a service visit.  If they require an appointment, they have your contact info right in front of them.  With a simple email, you provide a valuable reminder and assist your customers in taking the best care of their vehicle.

Email works
Krex, Inc. statistics show that when customers provide their email address to the dealership – and are subsequently reminded of their next maintenance needs via email – there is a 10-12% uptick in the round of service visits that follow.  This percentage correlates to real service revenue for your dealership; money that may have likely gone to an aftermarket competitor had the dealership not simply collected email addresses and sent maintenance reminders.

Email is easy
Once you train your staff on the importance of collecting and confirming your customers’ email addresses at every visit, communicating via email is easy.  Krex, Inc. provides an automated process to ensure that your customers automatically receive email reminders at the exact right time for their next maintenance service.  This tool makes maintaining your customer relationships simple.  Running in the background, this method of customer contact effortlessly keeps you in the forefront of your customers’ minds, reminding them that you provide the best value and have the best interests of their vehicle at heart.

Need help collecting customer emails?  Contact your local Krex sales representative, e-mail contact_us@krexinc.com or online http://www.krexinc.com/request-more-information/ to set up e-mail collection training.

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