Drive them to your dealership with the DriveSure Roadside Assistance Program.


Even the best maintained vehicles breakdown.  There are unexpected mechanical issues, road hazards, accidents, etc.  These events typically require emergency roadside assistance, and your dealership can capture revenue for these unplanned repairs by offering a Roadside Assistance Program.

Roadside Assistance Programs

There are several organizations across the country that provide emergency roadside assistance.  There are Roadside Assistance Programs provided by manufacturers, insurance companies, extended warranty services, dealership programs, as well as membership organizations like AARP and the motor club AAA.

The tow and roadside assistance industry consists of around 50,000 small, individually owned, local operators. (  However, this segment of the industry is highly fragmented. This means small companies can compete effectively with the larger companies.

Towing requests make up 44% of roadside assistance, followed by tire changing and jump-starting services.  A Roadside Assistance Program with towing service provides the opportunity to get customers back into your dealership.

Roadside Assistance Programs Can Bring Them Back

During a roadside emergency, drivers are not focused on where to take their vehicle for service.  Providing a Roadside Assistance Program removes the question of where to go and delivers them back to the dealership.

Not All Roadside Assistance Programs are the Same

Motor clubs dominate the roadside assistance market.  There are 15 motor clubs in the United States.  AAA is the largest and has a membership of 51 million customers.  The fact that people are purchasing these programs from a motor club is proof that the market is there for your dealership to generate definite interest in this benefit.

Unplanned vehicle repairs typically cause customer defection.  Using another towing source sends drivers to aftermarket competitors or other service providers.  Providing a Roadside Assistance Program through the dealership literally drives the customer back to the dealership for unplanned service repairs.

The Drive-Sure Advantage

With the Drive-Sure Roadside Assistance Program, dealerships can offer value and convenience.  Our program allows dealerships to recapture unplanned repair revenue like batteries, tires, brakes and more.  Our services also include Emergency Rental Car Coverage.  Providing the customers with everything they need to stay on the road, while offering dealerships more revenue opportunities.

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