Keep Your Car Clutter-Free

Keeping the interior clean and clutter-free will extend the life and enjoyment of your car.

If you have kids, commute, or (God forbid) work out of your car, chances are the interior of your car may not be exactly clutter-free.  Yet, keeping your vehicle’s interior clean will extend the life and enjoyment of your car.  Read on for our thoughts on keeping your car clutter-free.

A little work every day
It seems simple enough, but picking up after yourself (or your kids) daily will prevent big messes from occurring.  If you pack your car for work, a day trip or a

kid’s sporting event, make sure to remove all of these items as soon as you return home. Make it a habit to perform a visual once-over of your interior, de-cluttering every evening when you return home.

If you must eat in the car (let’s be honest, most of us do at some point), be certain to vacuum stray crumbs or deal with messes right away.  Doing this will keep your upholstery and carpet in great shape.   This also ensures that you have a clear view of interior surfaces so that you can spot new spills or stains right away – treating them before they set in.

Tools to keep on hand
Baby wipes: They’re not just for bottoms anymore!  A pack of baby wipes will fit easily into your glove compartment and are perfect for cleaning up an unexpected spill or wiping sticky hands before they smear something on your car’s interior.

Re-sealable bags:  Moms have used these for years to pack snacks. But, they are also perfect for collecting trash or to place wet or muddy shoes from a trip to the park.

Paper towels:  You never know when you’ll need to soak up spilled coffee or require a quick-fix to an unexpected bloody nose.  Stash a roll of paper towels in your “tool box” so clean up won’t be an issue.

We believe that a clean car is a much more enjoyable car.  Keep Krex, Inc.’s clutter-free car tips in mind to help your car to stay in top-shape for the long haul.

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