Has the time come to purchase a new-to-you car?  If you’ve found yourself in the market for a previously owned vehicle, we bet you’re tossing around your options of where to shop.  The newspaper?  The mom n’ pop dealer at the corner?  Look no further than your local new car dealer.  Hands down, they offer the best value when shopping for a new or used car.  Here’s why:

Buying a new-to-you car from a new car dealership provides added peace of mind.

Factory-certified vehicles
Purchasing a previously owned car from a new car dealer allows you to feel confident in the car’s value.  While being considered for sale on the dealer’s lot, used cars must pass rigorous testing by factory-trained technicians in order to receive the factory-certified pre-owned label.  Dealerships also provide potential owners with a CARFAX®, a detailed vehicle history report from the CARFAX® nationwide database.  Armed with that detailed history and the evaluation performed by the dealership’s technicians, you can feel confident in your purchase.

Extended Warranty
Extended warranty packages typically accompany vehicles sold as factory-certified from reputable new car dealers, allowing you to leave with even more peace of mind.  In the event that a potential mishap does occurs, having an extended warranty will definitely help out.

The cream of the crop
When you buy from a new car dealership, they complete the hard work associated with a car purchase for you.  With all the research, testing and evaluations done, feel assured that vehicles on the lot have been hand chosen as the best of the best, and any car that doesn’t meet factory standards has been sent on its way to smaller vendors.  Any automobile on a new car dealer’s lot meets the very highest manufacturer standards.  Most car dealerships have been in business for a long time and have established reputations for high quality and great service.  They’ll only sell new-to-you vehicles that allow them to keep those well-earned reputations.

Looking for a new car dealership in you area?  Here are some we love: Drive-Sure Authorized Dealership Locator

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