You’ve purchased a new car and you want to take the best possible care of it, but you’re perplexed by all the choices when it comes to service.  Should you stick with your new car dealership’s service department?  Are aftermarket service providers more affordable or convenient?  At Krex, Inc., we believe the factory-trained experts you’ll find at your manufacturer’s dealership service department provide the best value for your money, hands-down.  Here’s why:

Dollar-for-dollar, new car dealership service departments provide more value for your hard-earned money.

When it comes to having the most knowledge about your vehicle, the dealership’s service department is second-to-none.  Their technicians have been factory-trained and use the most advanced diagnostic equipment.  In addition, all service department personnel participate in ongoing service training to keep the whole staff abreast of the latest vehicle enhancements and the most current repair techniques.  In other words, your new car dealership knows your car better than anyone.  When you visit a dealership for service, you can be sure that your vehicle is in the most skilled, manufacturer-trained hands available.

You can’t beat the dealership for parts selection because they exclusively use factory-recommended or Original Equipment parts.  This represents a standard of quality that only your vehicle’s manufacturer can authorize.  Having your car serviced at your dealership means it will benefit from the actual part the manufacturer intended for the repair, not an aftermarket one that may not function as well.

Convenience & Facilities
When it comes to facilities, dealerships offer many conveniences similar to your home or office, such as an impeccably clean and comfortable waiting room, child play areas, Wi-Fi access and complimentary refreshments.  Your dealership’s large facility also has the space and staff resources that can often accommodate walk-in service, and provides faster turnaround times for repairs.  For longer waits, courtesy vehicles or shuttle transportation to home or work can be provided.  Most dealerships also have convenient evening and Saturday hours.

Guarantees, Warranties and Recalls
Let’s face it, during the life of your car, you’re bound to have at least one recalled part or a malfunction under warranty.  Your dealership’s service department has up-to-date information on recalls and can often make those repairs when you visit for a simple oil change.  In addition, they are well stocked with the parts needed to make those warranty repairs, limiting your time without wheels.  You can count on the service provided by your dealership, and return back to them if you’re not completely satisfied.  In addition, work performed by new car dealerships often provide national guarantees good wherever you live or drive your car.

Studies show that, dollar-for-dollar, the cost for dealership maintenance and service is pretty much the same as the cost at an aftermarket facility.  The dealership’s advantage is in the added value it brings to the table.  Car ownership is a serious investment.  Take care of your car as the manufacturer intended:  by servicing it at your local new car dealership service department.

May we recommend servicing your car at a Krex / Drive-Sure Authorized Dealership Service Department?

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