Inspect your car monthly to keep it running at peak performance.

Do You Drive-Sure? Inspect your car monthly to keep it running at peak performance.

We know that you love your car.  If you’re like us, the Spring weather has you even more enamored with your four-wheeled friend and you’re likely sprucing it up for joyrides on warm, sunny days.  While you’re busy washing and waxing, take the time to do a vehicle walk-around to ensure everything is in perfect working order.  As a matter of fact, make a commitment to keep doing our walk-around checks once a month so that your ride is in top shape all year long.  Read on for Krex, Inc.’s tips for readying your car for this season and beyond.

Give It A Good Wash
Washing your own car is a great way to get a good look at the various surfaces, both inside and out.  Removing winter’s residue makes your vehicle look great, but it also helps paint remain in good condition and reduces the likelihood of rust development.  Pay close attention to areas that are often forgotten, like wheel wells and the undercarriage.  Look for spots that require further care, like dings or pieces of loose trim.  If you need help, consult your local new car dealership service department for repairs.

Inside Matters
Bad weather can be tough on a car’s interior, so now is the time to rejuvenate yours.  Vacuuming out abrasive or corrosive debris, like salt, sand or dirt, goes a long way towards both aesthetic and protective car care.  Make sure to remove floor mats before vacuuming and to clean interior surfaces with a mild detergent (we like Griot’s Garage’s line of products).  While working near doors or windows, pay close attention to weather stripping that should be secured or needs replacing.

Proper Working Order
At least once monthly, perform necessary safety checks on your vehicle.  Enlist a friend or family member to help you determine if all lights and signals are in working order.  Run your windshield wipers to ensure they don’t streak, providing a clear view during these rainy spring days.  Check your tires for manufacturer recommended air pressure.  (For more advice on keeping your tires in top shape, read Why Tire Pressure Matters.)

Under The Hood
A quick look under the hood can make all the difference in how your car runs throughout the year.  Make sure you have plenty of windshield washer fluid to get you through the coming months.  Batteries are just as likely to fail in extreme heat as in cold, so visually inspect yours for signs of corrosion around the terminals.  Check your oil for level and cleanliness; according to the manufacturer’s recommendations in your user manual.  Additionally, search for other signs of fluid or corrosion under the hood.  Any sign of fluid, corrosion or insufficient oil warrants a call to your new car dealership service department for a more detailed inspection.

If you’re not comfortable performing your own vehicle Spring cleaning or walk-around, stop by your new car dealership.  Their service experts are not only trained in vehicle inspection, but they can assist by letting you know precisely what maintenance your car needs and when, helping you can stay on top of your car’s care.

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