Chances are that your manufacturer has hammered home that each service RO must have a multi-point inspection attached.  The obvious reason for this is to properly diagnose needed maintenance and repairs for your customers.  But have you ever considered how the multi-point inspection affects your customer retention rate?

Not consistently performing multi-point inspections causes both immediate and long-term lost revenue

Consistently performing multi-point inspections leads to long-term customer retention.

Missing a singular opportunity to thoroughly perform and discuss a multi-point inspection leads to more than just one missed sale.  If the technician doesn’t catch worn brake pads during an inspection, the immediate lost opportunity might only represent a $100 loss.  However, if that customer defects to a competitor for the repair not properly identified by the technician, what is the financial impact?  National averages show that every lost service customer equates to an average parts and service opportunity loss of $2200.

Taking this a step further, let’s say that each of a dealer’s technicians hurries through just one multi-point inspection per day.  An average dealer that has 10 technicians could be jeopardizing as much as $22,000 in future parts and service revenue each day!

These same lost opportunities apply when a service consultant misses the chance to properly communicate needs uncovered by the technician’s multi-point inspection.  Ensuring that your service consultants are communicating inspection results to every customer is just as vital as the multi-point inspection itself.

Consider the same scenario, but imagine that time is taken to thoroughly perform and discuss a multi-point inspection at every service visit.  This process builds customer trust as customers see maintenance and repair items move from green to yellow to red over time.  This trust leads to fewer declined services and long-term customer retention.  This increased customer retention equates to an additional $2,200 in future parts and sales revenue per customer.

A thorough and well-communicated multi-point inspection leads to impressive advantages in terms of customer-retention and your dealership’s future revenue.  Make sure your technicians and service consultants understand just how vital this responsibility really is.

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