Over 7 Decades in Service

Working in this industry for over 70 years has taught us a thing or two about dealerships and their service departments. We understand how difficult it can be to roll out a new initiative and establish the new processes it requires, all while trying to keep your employees and customers happy. That’s why we’ve focused on making DriveSure as easy as possible for your team to implement and use.

Here’s How It Works:


Your dedicated DriveSure representative will walk you through getting DriveSure set up in your dealership, after working with you to customize the offering for your dealership and its customers.

We’ll train your team on how to talk about DriveSure benefits to your customers, how to answer their questions, and how to file a claim when a customer comes back to take advantage of one of their DriveSure benefits. We’ll also equip you with signage and materials, including customized benefit sheets and oil change stickers for your dealership to use.

After DriveSure is up and running in your dealership, our team will still be here to support you and answer any questions you may have along the way.


As customers come in for their routine maintenance service, such as an oil change, they’ll get introduced to their new DriveSure benefits for the first time (making you a rock star). Their benefits will include:

  • Dealer Loyal Roadside Assistance
  • Road Hazard Tire Protection
  • Emergency Alternate Transportation
  • Personalized Customer Communications

These benefits will expire once their recommended service interval is up, and they’ll need to come back to you for their next scheduled maintenance to renew them.


The benefits that your customers receive with DriveSure are specifically designed to bring them back to your dealership when they experience an unexpected issue, all while making those issues easier and less expensive for them to resolve.

Our Dealer Loyal Roadside Assistance ensures that whenever a customer requests a tow in your area, the vehicle is towed to your service department even if it isn’t the closest authorized service provider. When a customer gets a flat tire, our Road Hazard Tire Protection incentivizes them to come to your dealership to get tire repairs or replacements. These benefits make your dealership the trusted service provider for unplanned repairs and tires, bringing you revenue that otherwise might not make it in your door.

When you need to file a claim to get compensated for delivering on DriveSure benefits, you simply log in to our online dealership portal and follow our easy digital claims process. Of course, our team is just a phone call away if you need any assistance.


After a certain period (determined at implementation by you and your DriveSure rep), your customers’ benefits will expire. Because your new car dealership is the only place they can get all the DriveSure benefits, they’re much more likely to come back to your service department to get their vehicle serviced and renew their benefits.

If you want to remind them of their upcoming or recently passed need for service, we make that easy too. Our marketing solutions allow you to send personalized reminders for them to renew their benefits through mail, email, text messages, and even their DriveSure Digital Pass.


We’re always excited to show dealerships the kind of impact DriveSure is creating for them. DriveSure provides monthly and weekly reports with operational reporting and metrics—everything you need to see what DriveSure is doing for your dealership.

Want to Learn More?

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Learn how DriveSure can help your dealership become the only one your customers depend on for maintenance, tires, and repairs. We’ll discuss what it could look like to implement DriveSure in your service department and estimate the ROI potential for your dealership.

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