How Drive Sure Works

Dealer Loyal Roadside Assistance

Drive-Sure Roadside Assistance hand delivers customers back to their servicing dealership when they are faced with unplanned repairs likes batteries, tires, brakes, check engine lights. By getting the first look on these unplanned repairs, dealerships increase immediate revenue opportunities.

Road Hazard Tire Protection

Drive-Sure Road Hazard Tire Protection benefits incentivize customers to return by providing complimentary tire repairs and $150 or more toward unplanned tire purchases at their servicing dealership. This benefit drives back more customers for unplanned tire purchases and makes dealerships top-of-mind for tires when customers are ready to buy routine tire replacements.

Emergency Rental Car Coverage

Needing to have your car towed is rarely convenient. It can be difficult to keep customers happy when they are without their vehicle. That’s why we will pick up the tab for a rental car or loaner so that dealerships can get their customers back on the road right away.

Drive-Sure Engage

We are focused on engaging customers with pertinent information about their vehicles only when service is needed and in the communication formats they prefer. Our targeted communications prominently promote dealership value and are always personalized to individual customers and their vehicles.