Krex Graphite Engine Lubricant

  • Protects and lubricates internal engine components
  • Withstands heat up to 5,000° F
  • Prevents engine wear, extending engine life
  • Improves engine compression, fuel economy, and load carrying capabilities
  • Each application protects an engine for 6 months / 5,000 miles

How It Works
Krex Graphite Engine Lubricant® is a superior automotive lubricant (NOT an additive), dispersing millions of microscopic particles of graphite that enhance the effectiveness of motor oil.  Krex Graphite Engine Lubricant adheres to all of the internal components of the engine, protecting and lubricating all the engine’s vital moving parts: piston, bearings, valve stems, and lifters.   Today’s advanced automotive engines reach temperatures as high as 1,250° F, yet standard motor oil begins breaking down at 350° F. (Even the best full synthetic motor oil available today begins breaking down at 500o F.)   Thus, only graphite, which can withstand temperatures up to 5,000° F, can fully protect engines at these extreme temperatures.   In addition, Krex Graphite Engine Lubricant improves engine compression, reduces energy consumption, and increases load-carrying capabilities.

How To Use It
Pour Krex Graphite Engine Lubricant into the engine after each oil change service.

Recommended Service Intervals
For maximum benefit, Krex Graphite Engine Lubricant should be installed at every oil change service at least every 6 months or 5,000 miles, whichever occurs first.  If installed by a Krex authorized new car dealer service center, Krex Graphite Engine Lubricant may include the Krex 10 Year / 200,000 Mile Limited Engine Lubrication Warranty.  For complete details, please contact us or view the complete Krex 10 Year / 200,000 Mile Limited Engine Lubrication Warranty Term & Conditions.