Avoiding Potholes in the Customer Journey

Your guide to the critical moments causing customers to abandon their dealership service department, and how to overcome them.

The journey customers take with your dealership can have some well-known rough patches. The key to keeping customers coming back despite the bumps in the road is knowing where they are and how to get out ahead of them. Download this guide to learn how you can keep your dealership’s customers satisfied for the long haul with premier service and proactive management.

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Discover Common Defection Points

Learn the 5 critical moments in a typical dealership customer’s journey that often cause them to begin going elsewhere for service.

Get Specific Tips You Can Act On

Keep your customers through each defection point with real-world tips and strategies for remaining the clear best option for service.

Identify the Best Tools for the Job

See how programs like DriveSure’s give you a powerful tool to combat defection and maximize customer value.